Monday, October 17, 2005

Orthodox Inter-Seminary Movement

This is interesting - we could have sent you, Herman or Aaron, as representatives of Aristotle University. Well, it's not a seminary, I suppose.


Blogger Andrew Middleton said...

Neat! I would have been glad to represent my Alma Mater, had I been asked (!) My guess is that, unless they only discuss issues unique to Orthodoxy in America, they would be glad to have representatives from other Orthodox schools of theology...

4:57 PM EDT  
Blogger aaronandbrighid said...

Unfortunately, I'm not sure Herman and I can truly be said to be 'representative' of Aristotle University, or even the Theology School thereof!

10:31 PM EDT  
Blogger Andrew Middleton said...

Ummm...I think there is more than one definition of "representative," ok? lol...;-)

11:02 PM EDT  
Blogger christopher3rd said...

What would be the general tenor of Aristotle University and/or the School of Theology? Liberal, Conservative, Western, or whatever terms may be appropriate to describe the situation?

Perhaps Herman should bow out of the discussion until his thesis is accepted (?).

11:44 AM EDT  
Blogger aaronandbrighid said...

Well, Christopher, as far as I could tell, there really wasn't a 'general' tenor; the tenor sort of varied from professor to professor, department to department, and student to student. My superficial impression of many of the undergraduates, confirmed by observations undergraduate friends of mine made about their classmates, was that they were so thoroughly lacking in seriousness about theology that it would be premature to attempt to define the tenor of their thinking. As for the post-graduate students in my classes, most seemed to be more or less what I would call conservative or traditional, but a few seemed to display a sort of naive ecumenism (different, I think, from many of those theologians currently active in the ecumenical movement). Having only had contact with a few faculty, I can't speak from experience about them, although those I knew best were pretty reliable guys.

5:03 PM EDT  
Blogger Philip Majkrzak said...

Having been to a few OISM meetings myself (when I was a seminarian at St. Tikhon's) I can say that I'm sure representatives from Thessalonica would be welcomed. So far only American schools have participated, however.

I discovered this Blog from Christopher Orr's post on Typikon a few weeks ago, and I was intrigued because I know one of you (Mark), I've met one of you (Herman -- last year at St. Tikhon's) and I've heard much about one of you (Philip -- I'm a teacher at St. Herman's Seminary and Hierodeacon John mentions you frequently).

3:03 AM EDT  

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