Sunday, August 28, 2005

Gotta Keep the Boat from Sinkin'...

Yep...I notice that there is actually traffic, albeit slow, so people are comin' out to see if there are new posts...which means I've got to write something. But what?
I had a nice chat with a couple at church this morning...a very nice couple, trying to live vibrant Orthodoxy in their little neck of the woods. She has a real green thumb and enjoys watching things grow, noticing the effect of weather on plants, the interaction between critters and the plant world, and so on. We spoke about Wendell Berry, trying to live in a responsible way as regards the material world, the relationship between generations and what we have lost. She mentioned one thing that I found particularly interesting. I suppose it's logical and goes without saying (though I haven't heard it said before!) She mentioned how knowledge is lost when it is forgotten for three consecutive generations. That is, although her parents aren't gardeners, her grandfather was a farmer and taught her about the natural world, about planting, caring for the land, so the knowledge was passed on. Of course, if she hadn't learned it from her grandfather it's almost impossible that her children would have learned it from him (as there is too great a difference in age). Alas, nothing too profound...and yet...profound in its own way. That said, it is never too late, of course, to get reconnected to the stream of folk knowledge passed down for generations since the dawn of man...if one wants to.


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