Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Andrei Rublev, Part 2

An interesting, somehow anti-climactic ending. Did Rublev really kill a soldier? It seems as though it *must* be true, as it seems to have been the chief impetus for his vow of silence and severe repentance. I was befuddled by the bell-making sequence...but I suppose it was significant because the young bell-maker followed him to help him paint the church of the Holy Trinity? I wonder if his story is sufficiently well-known in Russia that Tarkovsky didn't feel like he needed to fill in the details? Can anyone offer insight into this? Hello? Is anybody listening? If a blog entry is written in the virtual wilderness and nobody reads it, does it really exist? It's late and I'm beginning to ramble aimlessly...


Blogger aaronandbrighid said...

Sorry Herman, unfortunately I don't know of any detailed historical accounts of Andrei Rublev. I'll let you know if I come across anything.

5:22 PM EDT  

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