Saturday, October 29, 2005

Commemorative T-shirt

Any Antiochians out there ought to have a look at this:
I think you'll proudly wear it!


Blogger Andrew Middleton said...

Hey! That's my friend's store! Just out of interest, Aaron, how did you discover the store?

8:01 PM EDT  
Blogger Huw Raphael said...

Hey, thanks for the announcement! You could have made it an active link :-)

12:29 AM EDT  
Blogger aaronandbrighid said...

Herman: I stumbled across it by looking up 'huw raphael's' profile and finding his various pages.
Huw Raphael: Sorry, I'm a techno-idiot...I don't know how to make active links! I only first learned the term while looking at someone's blog last night.

8:55 PM EST  

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