Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Introduction, and Textbook Website

Hello, Herman invited me to post to the Protecting Veil blog as one of his first non-Greece friends. Glad to be invited into the cool crowd.

As introduction, I live in New York City during the week working as an executive recruiter, and spend my weekends in Stroudsburg, PA which is where I met Herman during his brief tenure there. I was a professional actor until about 2 months ago, though I haven't worked solely as an actor since 2000. Coincidentally, I got married that year and became Orthodox at the very start of the next- on the Eve of the Synaxis of the 70. I was baptized in the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection (OCA) by Priest Christopher Swanson, chrismated by Hieromonk Constantine (Chirila), and my spiritual father is the Dean of the Cathedral, Igumen Christopher (Calin). I was tonsured Reader there and promptly fell to what we lovingly refer to as "The Curse of the Reader" which causes one to leave the Cathedral for various and sundry reasons- my non-Orthodox, dancer wife and I bought a house in the Poconos and aren't in town for weekend services, in my case.

Glad to meet all of you. I will try to be interesting.

I ran across, again, a wonderful website which had been managed by the late Archbishop Alexander (Mileant)- Memory Eternal!- and seems to have been intended to be a ROCOR, online, distance learning, seminary course in the vein of the Antiochians' St. Philip's course. They have a huge number of textbooks available for download which will come in handy for we Ortho-nerds. The Holy Trinity Orthodox School can be found at

Christopher Orr


Blogger Andrew Middleton said...

Never a worry about you not being interesting, Chris! Thanks for the post...I was unaware of the site you mention...a very good resource, indeed!

7:22 PM EDT  
Blogger Mark Montague said...

Welcome - and thanks for the link; I'd forgotten about that site.

4:58 PM EDT  

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