Monday, November 07, 2005


Just letting everybody know that, glory to God, our baby was delivered Friday afternoon by c-section. He's 6 lbs, 8 ounces. Unfortunately, he's had some problems transitioning to normal breathing due to fluid in his lungs, so he's currently in the NICU. But this is apparently pretty normal with c-section babies and there is every reason to believe he will soon be able to breathe normally, i.e., at a moderate pace and without an extra oxygen supply. So we're not worried, but please do pray for him. Mostly we're just really anxious to get him home when Brighid checks out Tuesday. We're naming him Nicholas Caedmon. Sorry this is all a jumbled mess...I'm pretty tired!


Blogger Andrew Middleton said...

Congratulations, Aaron! May God grant Nicholas, and all of you, many, many years!

12:31 AM EST  

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